Can you just imagine the prayers you are praying for your children and their children and thier children Ns beyond. A life of health wealth and prosperity.

You are currently building a business, life and path for your kids and family that will eventually be passed on for generations to come. This Beautiful prayer and hard work is because you know there has got to be better and always a level of higher achievement in the future for your lineage.

We know to begin this process we must heal our past and forgiving ourselves and others.

When we begin this process of healing ourselves (and our lineage) it can be a daunting task for many of us. It can feel overwhelming and like a weight was placed on your shoulders, but as I always like to say to my clients you are always supported. Your higher self and your ancestors are rooting for you.

With ancestral healing, you become able to live your ancestors’ wildest dreams. I have even seen many people who do this work reconnect to their ancestors customs, stories, and even psychic gifts. It’s beautiful!

When embarking on your own journey of ancestral healing, it is important to remember that the goal is not to eliminate the beliefs that you feel hold you back (this is almost impossible) but rather to empower a compassionate understanding of why those ideas were so important to those who came before you, and how you might release some of the perceived need and importance of those ideas so you can empower new ones.

You have come a long way reader you are the answered prayer of your ancestor that you are now praying for your future generations, that they will eventually prayer for their loved ones.

Isn’t that just mind blowing!!!!

Prayers are powerful and always prove necessary. The deliverance from poverty, illnesses and entrapments are all covered in the prayers of your ancestors it’s evident you have made them proud.

Keep taking on challenges and breaking chains and bringing change, Your future generation will speak highly of you in years to come and beyond.

Thanks for reading

God bless you strong one.

-Stephanie Rosita

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