How to start a new Chapter in your life

I enjoy information and informing women just like you and I how to create a life of happiness, abundance, and dreams come true. Starting new chapters in life is one of my favorite things to do. I love to reinvent myself and start fresh in my different stages in life. It’s so important to me to constantly evolve as a person and become better than I was yesterday.

I know a lot of people like to start fresh at the beginning of the year. The whole new year new me BS that nobody ever sticks to…myself included sometimes. 

I like to start fresh whenever I feel the need to. It could be after a life event like when I got married (which I’m going to get into later). It could be after I get through a rough patch in life, it could be at the beginning of the year. 

Over time I’ve done a really good job at starting new chapters and I have some awesome tips to share with you if you are looking for a fresh start. I’ve learned how to make myself feel like a different person because I’ve created a new version of myself to go along with a new start. 

Starting fresh

First you have to figure out when to start a new chapter in life. Usually big life events trigger this.

  • Graduating
  • New job
  • Marriage
  • Having a baby
  • Moving 
  • Birthday 

But you can also create new chapters when you’ve had a rough patch too. I’ve definitely done this before many times in the past.

  • Divorce/breakup
  • Coming out of hard times
  • Lost a job 

Once you’ve selected the trigger for the new chapter, it’s time to create a new you. You know how sometimes women will cut their hair after a bad breakup? Think of that, but there are other ways to do this as well.

  • Change your appearance
  • Create new habits and routines
  • Remove toxic people from your life
  • Creating a new I.D.

When my husband and I finally had our incredibly low key sandy Wedding ceremony, I wanted to start a whole new chapter when I changed my last name. After all, I was kind of becoming a new person. I took this as an opportunity to create a new identity for myself.

Creating a new identity

Let’s rewind several years ago, when I had to take my drivers license picture. I can’t remember why but I went in to DMV for something and I was required to update my license photo in order to accomplish the task. I was not prepared for this at all. I remember it was a horrible day that day and the fact that I had to get a new ID just made it even worse. So I took the photo and that was that.

It was the absolute worst drivers license photo. I looked absolutely horrible and I didn’t even smile in the picture because it was such a bad day. I carried this ID with me for years. I remember every time I would pull it out to show someone I would absolutely cringe. I knew that I should get a new photo but honestly who wants to go to the DMV? Not me.

So when it was time to change my last name, I made it an opportunity to update my ID as well. I wanted to create a new identity.

Once you create a new identity for you, no matter how you go about doing that, you have to start acting like the new person that you want to be. It’s so important to make behavioral changes and mindset changes in your life. You can’t change your life in large ways unless you make little changes along the way.

  • Create a morning routine
  • Start a fitness journey
  • Start traveling
  • Remove toxic habits
  • Do a mental cleanse
  • Remove toxic people from your life
  • Explore your passions
  • Connect with friends

Use a vision board to plan the next chapter of your life.

I swear by vision boards. I teach all about them in this course. I can honestly say that vision boards have changed my entire life. I created my first vision board at the end of 2018 for the 2019 year. As of last night (June 5th 2021) I finally achieved the final goal on my vision board and it feels DAMN good! I am so happy that I made the vision board in the first place.

When you want to create a new chapter in your life, center it around your happiness and goals that you want to achieve on your vision board. I have an entire post on creating a vision board, and I highly recommend that you grab a snack and give it a read.

Journal Prompts for new beginnings

  1. 30 Things that make you happy
  2. Things you are letting go of to start a new chapter in life
  3. Where do you want to be in the next year?
  4. What area of your life needs more attention?
  5. What would you be doing in life if money and time was no object?
  6. Write a letter to your future self
  7. What do you love most about yourself?

Try my blog about Self Discovery Journaling it’d a good read.

Final thoughts

Remember there is always time to start a new chapter in life. We are allowed to evolve as people and I think that is such a beautiful thing. These are the exact things that I do when I’m formally starting a new chapter in my life and I want to help others do the exact same thing.

Leave your love and comments.

Xoxo StephanieRosita

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