6 Habits of A High Value Feminine Woman.

A woman of high value is a woman that is constantly evolving and working to better herself. She is accountable for her actions and vulnerable about her mistakes. Below we compiled a list of a few traits necessary to become a woman of high value.

Practice Mindfulness

To become high value you have to be extremely self aware. Of what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to – KNOW YOURSELF! You cannot allow situations or the actions of others make you feel less than or make you reactive. The actions of others say more about them than it will ever say about you. You have to be secure in who you are. A hvw should always want others to feel better about themselves after an encounter with her. To spread positivity you have to be in a positive state. Being mindful takes daily effort, and will not be accomplished overnight, however with continuous effort in no time you will be showing up as the woman of your dreams!

Be a Lady

A lady is elegant, polite, and charming. She dresses appropriately, listens when other speak, and is cautious of her words. A lady should exude confidence. She ennoucates her words, hardly ever curses (or at least tries to curb the habit), and always listen more than she speaks. As she listens she is listening for understanding. No one likes a mean girl. A lady leads with love and compassion. She shows grace in all of her encounters. Most importantly, a lady is always kind to others.. even those she does not like. As a lady you are not expected to be perfect, however, it is expected that you remain in your feminine.

Sees herself as a prize

She doesn’t compare herself to other women because comparison is the thief of joy! She always prioritizes collaboration over competition, especially when it comes to other women. She thinks highly of herself and only interacts with people who think the same. Insecurity and low self esteem have no place in her life. If therapy is required to rid herself of these things than that is what she will do. A hvw relishes in self-love and does not allow herself to see herself as less than regardless of what anyone thinks. She knows she is worthy of the best and acts like it!

Be Yourself

In a world full of Becky’s’, be a Beyonce. You were made to stand out! A hvw knows herself and does not devalue herself by trying to be like everyone else. In this Instagram era everyone has the same body, wears the same makeup, and does the same things. Individuality is hardly emphasised or easy to find. It takes courage to go against the grain and level up, but if necessary in being a high value woman. Remember: Everyone else is taken – focus on what makes you unique and let the magic unfold!

Live a life you love

Actively work towards your goals so that everyday you’re one step closer to being the woman of your dreams. A hvw does not sit around waiting for her man. She is constantly working on herself and doing all the things that make her life full and makes her happy. Your life, for the most part, should revolve around you. Spend time doing things you enjoy with people that make life worthwhile. Try new things, go places you haven’t visited, and most of all enjoy your life! We only have a limited amount of time here you do not want to look back in your old age and wish you went dancing or took that risk. Life is all a gamble, so you might as well try at something you might love, right?

Take pride in your appearance

Last, but certainly not least take pride in your appearance. A beautiful woman should be a muse to all she encounters. A hvw should never go in public looking like she just rolled out of bed. Fix your hair, check your nails, and for god sake give the athleisure look a break. Your clothes should be an extension of your mood. Wear clothes that highlight your best assets and makeup that suits your unique features. You always want to look well groomed and feminine. Just remember: Inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty.

Did you enjoy these suggestions? If so, please let me know in the comments we always love hearing from you lovely ladies!

XO StephanieRosita

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