Hurry Less- A part of Selfcare

Remember to smile

Life has taught me a lot about being less hurried and less stressed. You can’t be unstressed and unbothered if you’re constantly rushing from one busy engagement to the next, so if you can’t be retired, taking a step back and focusing on the present moment can help make all the difference during a busy day.¬†Why do we allow ourselves to be so overtaken by life? What drives us to work ridiculous hours, juggle our family time, and spend our weekends trying to do all the chores and commitments we missed out on finishing during the working week? What happened to finding a little bit of rest in our lives each day? You don’t have to be retired to know that a regular break is important for your mental health and wellbeing.

Perhaps it’s time to slow down – step away from the rush, the busyness and the need to always be “on”. Maybe it’s time to live a little more in the moment, to slow down long enough to breathe and appreciate all that we already have. I think we all deserve a little pause now and then to remember how blessed we are and to find gratitude in our heart for all that we take for granted.


I completely understand those in the early days of their careers being overly focused on work and having less time for ‘play’, but for those of us in the second half of life maybe it’s time to dial it back a little. Perhaps we can take time each day to savour the moment, to drink coffee (or tea, or water) and to pause and appreciate where we are and the fact that all our previous hard work has come to fruition. It’s almost a sigh of relief isn’t it?

The hustle and bustle of life doesn’t need to be the norm anymore, we can choose to step back and rest a little. Hurrying through life means we miss so much – it blurs into the background and we miss those precious moments. Now is the time to decide what really matters and to slow down long enough to give ourselves time to indulge in what’s really important.¬†Making a living is necessary, but making a life is what really counts.


Have you slowed down to smell the roses? Have you discovered what’s really important in life? Or are you still on the treadmill (the hamster wheel) of life where it’s go, go, go and you’ve forgotten how to Fika? I hope you find some time today to breathe and to share your life with the people who matter the most.

I wish you peace joy and slow loving.

xoxo StephanieRosita

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