Release Stuck Emotions ( Fake Relationships)

Emotions get stuck in the body and the energy centers of the body, called chakras when they are unable to be expressed at the time of the event. In this post learn what an emotional blockage is and how it relates to emotions, traumas and past experiences held in the cellular consciousness as well as discover four easy ways unprocessed emotions can be released by raising their vibrational frequency.

What is an emotional blockage?

Even though life can be busy and be a struggle, it’s important to take the time to pay attention to how you feel. If you don’t, you could end up burying emotions deep inside of you that will eventually make you sick. As I discussed in one of my post about Cellular Consciousness, emotional blockages are caused by unprocessed emotions, traumas and experiences stored in the cells of the physical body, as well as those stuck in the energy centers of the body, called chakras. Clearing an emotional blockage requires one to access the suppressed emotion then organically and gently allow it to release without re-experiencing it on a cognitive level. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to feel the emotion; it means that you won’t have to mentally go through the circumstances of the initial event that caused it to get stuck in your energy field in the first place.

The one I hear the most is failed friendships or relationships that drained you.

Not every friend is a friend

Listen I know we want to be lived and accepted, because we are loving and accepting. However there is a reality that is so common yet not easily recognized. The Frenimy This could be one of the reasons you become stuck or drained or hurt.

The is a painful truth in living with the frenimy you have so much love and joy and admiration of this person yet the person delivers a front a sham and everyone will show you this but you just will not accept the truth infront of you even when you see it.

I wish I could snap you to the real world we live in. Hunnay please guard you heart and love yourself to safely maneuver this type of relationship until you decide to leave it or somehow mend it. But truth be told as you rise as you progress as your happiness increases. Your circle will decrease.

The real will be there. So release the stuck emotions you bottle up.


How do you release stuck emotions?

Emotional blockages are held deep within the cells of the body and in the chakras, so one has to access the stuck emotional energy in order for them to begin releasing. It is best to work slowly to prevent your system from getting overwhelmed from the emotions and causing a secondary trauma to occur.


In order to release stuck emotions, you need to connect to the energy of the stuck emotion and allow it to start moving in your body. To do this, close your eyes and put your hand on your body choosing an area where you feel discomfort. Deeply connect the energy of your hand to the stuck energy. Ask yourself questions such as: what do I need to know, how is this serving me, and what would help me release this trapped emotion without expecting to receive an answer. Be open to receiving whatever information arises. It may be as simple as a message to ‘slow down’ or ‘get more sleep’. Whatever it is, trust that it is relevant and then, take appropriate action.


Finding rest not only physically nor mentally nor emotionally but spiritually is so necessary.

God promises us a love so deep a friendship so pure and life so full that no matter the plots thoughts or scheme you will Rise and Shine.

Take some time to meditate on your purpose and your love of Christ. Spend time in your prayer room and the corner of your heart. Show gratitude and appreciation for your life’s path and the people in your corner. Mainly thank God for your ups downs and keep moving.

Being stuck is temporary.

Xoxo StephanieRosita

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