Give yourself Grace

In this article I wanted to speak on allowing yourself the peace you deserve and accept the Grace welcomed to you.

Let’s start by talking about certainty. 

We want to make good decisions. We want to be prudent moms who act responsibly. To do and be this, we believe we need all the information. 

But sweet friend, we are not a people made for exactitude and perfection.

We are a people invited to come to Jesus not for answers, but for rest. 

  • To come to Him because He invited the sinners to sit at His table. 
  • To come and be forgiven.
  • To follow Him — not to get the path right — but to become fishers of men. 
  • To follow Jesus and be hated and misunderstood.
  • To follow Him and receive more than you left, including eternal life. 

We are not a people of guarantees, but a people of covenant. We are not a people of safety, but of mystery. We are not a people who cling to control, but who cling to the rock that is greater than we are. 

There’s a simple (yet hard!) solution to combat the trouble of chasing certainty. 

Write down when God has been faithful to you in your past. 

When you’re wrestling the right thing to do to the ground, it’s important to remember times when you didn’t have all the information and God put you on His back and carried you. It’s important to remember God’s sovereignty and provision in the face of your lack. 

Think then write down with pen and paper when you wanted a guarantee because life felt out of control and God came through. You may be surprised at how many examples you can come up in just 10 minutes. 

Let’s talk about brain fatigue.

Brain fatigue isn’t an unhealthy habit you’ve picked up and made your own. Brain fatigue is a biological issue almost all of us are dealing with right now. Decision fatigue plagues us. And it may stem from cognitive overload. 

We expect our brains to take in new safety protocols, new home routines, new cleaning and shopping rhythms, new ways to see the world, new ideas to make lasting change, and new lifestyle adaptations without missing a beat. 

But sweet friend, our brains were not wired by God to handle the amount and onslaught of new content being thrown at us. 

And God knows this. 

There’s a simple (yet hard) solution to combat the trouble of cognitive overload. 

Automate what you can. 

Automate what you’re making for dinner, the chore schedule, your wardrobe. Help yourself by making pre-decisions such as “We won’t host a playdate until June 30 2021” or “We’ll do online church until the fall. 2030”

Remember, your God is practical. He sometimes gives you just one next step to take. He’s okay with you not tackling new projects or plans or summer routines today. Just do one thing that is helpful and kind to you and those around you.

Key Quotes

  • You are a good woman doing hard things during a hard time. Please give yourself grace.
  • Try-hard girl, you are doing a good job. I think someone needs to tell you that today.

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