Unlock your Feminine Power

We women are cyclical beings; our bodies are cyclical, our psyches are cyclical. 

And we live in a cyclical world of seasons and moon cycles.

The whole of life, naturally, is cyclical.

And yet, somehow, whether through societal, familial, relational, or personal pressures, we are forced to live a linear life.

Over the past hundred years, women have become more and more a part of the “man’s world”. And so, we have taken on the male energy within ourselves in order to “make it” (or even just survive) in that world.

I can understand why, of course.

It is very understandable to think that in order to be taken seriously in that “man’s world”, we must think, feel and behave like a man.

And yet, if we were to listen to our bodies and our emotions, we would actually make things a whole lot easier for ourselves.

Because we are born with a natural road map  deep within us; our own blueprint for success. Follow the road map and life will become easier, more enjoyable, and you can gain a more loving relationship with yourself.

That is our feminine power. Our womanly witchiness. Our magic.


All of life is made up of seasons and cycles. And all of life experiences the recurring life-death-life cycle. 

To take the four seasons of the year as an example… the Earth comes to life in Spring, is in full blossoming life in Summer, that life is harvested in Autumn, and the Earth dies in winter, ready to be re-born the following Spring. 

Life… death… life.

And our bodies are the same. 


Winter is time for hibernation. A time for turning our energy and attention inwards. This is a time for taking extra care of ourselves. It’s a time to slow down, rest, take it easy, and be gentle with ourselves.

As the right and left sides of our brain have the best communication during this phase, this is the time to evaluate – whether a certain aspect of your life, or just life in general, this is when our judgement is at its best. 

This is also the time to take notice of internal messages from our intuition, to hear the deep truth of your soul, and set a vision for what you want to create and conjure for yourself.

If you’re not very familiar or in touch with your intuition yet, try journaling (writing down your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis) during this time and then check back to see if there are any common themes during your menstruation phases.

Note: this is actually the fourth phase of our cycle. I’ve listed it first because it is the easiest to recognise due to the onset of your period.


After the “death” of winter (menstruation) so life is born again. And with new life come creativity and renewed energy. This is the time when we are most creative, and a full of inspiration and effortless creative energy. 

This is the time to dream big, the time to make plans, the time to start new projects.


Summer is a time for excess and turning our energy outwards. During this summer phase, we are full of energy. We are persuasive. We are magnetic. 

During this time, we are most in touch with our masculine energy, making it the best time to socialise. It’s also the time to have important conversations because our communication skills are at their best.

This is the time to step out of our comfort zone, to take risks, and to expand ourselves.

As we begin to turn our energy inwards in preparation for the Winter phase, this is when you may find yourself called to “nesting” activities and more mundane tasks. During this phase we also become very detail-oriented, and this is the time to do detail-oriented tasks.

Autumn is a time to “harvest” all we can from the Spring and Summer phases; a time to become more sensitive to the emotional nuances, start the evaluating process. It is a time to start to slow down and take care of ourselves.

And there lies our inner road map. As you can see, for success, happiness and self-love, we simply need to become in tune with our bodies’ natural processes.

I invite you to fall in love with your body and how it works. Commit to this new relationship with your body. Plan your month, week by week (according to cycle phases), so that you can do more with your time (and more effectively). Leverage your body as the amazing power tool it is.

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