Energy Clearing

Clearing your energetic field is something you should do often.

This is a practice that allows you to eliminate unwanted or negative vibes from yourself, your work space, and your home. You can also remove negative energy from objects and other people like your child and/or your spouse.

The energy clearing techniques you will learn later in this post have been practiced for thousands of years. Energy really is everything. It is your most important asset when it comes to tuning into your higher self and living a positive and happy life. Because of this, many people continue to practice these rituals today.


Science has always taught us that we are made up of matter but it’s now been scientifically proven that we are actually made up of energy.

At our very essence, behind the skin, bones, and muscles there are cells that contain atoms. When these atoms are broken down they have nothing but invisible tornado-like energy that cannot be seen but can be measured.

This energy is constantly spinning, vibrating, and absorbing in its own unique way and it never stops even when we are asleep.

These cells that make up our bodies are like miniature batteries that release electromagnetic energy waves at all times. We are basically giant balls of energy giving off vibration and electricity everywhere we go.

We are beings of energy and vibration.

Our physical bodies operate in matter, yes science did get that part right. But our nonphysical parts operate in a “life energy” that exists inside us, through us, and all around us.

This life energy, known as Chi in Chinese or Prana in Sanskrit, has a direct relation to how we feel and show up to the world around us. Because of this connection and a few other reasons we are going to talk about, adding an energy cleansing practice to your life can be very beneficial to you.  

Understanding your unique energy vibration

Understanding your own energy can help you in many ways, but here are the most important:

  • It can help you increase your intuition, also known as your inner knowing or gut feeling.
  • It can help you manifest your dreams and desires.
  • It can help you act on your creative impulses that will lead you to your highest good.

Your unique energy is your vibe. It’s how you show up to the world on a daily basis. It can be categorized into two broad sections: High frequency and Low frequency.

When you are feeling joyful, happy, inspired, and alive you are giving off high vibrations. When you are feeling sad, angry, unmotivated, and stressed you are giving off low vibrations.

Knowing what frequency you are operating at is extremely important because the Law of Attraction, a universal law, says that like attracts like. This means whatever vibe you are giving off will be returned to you and if you are already in a low vibe state of mind, the last thing you want is more of it!

You can begin to understand your energy by practicing mindfulness in your daily life. This means paying attention to how you are feeling and checking in with your mind and body throughout your day.

In many ways, your energy will let itself be known. Those times of overwhelm, exhaustion, needing to clear your head, or having a full-on nervous breakdown, is your energy letting you know it needs a cleansing.

Getting in tune with the power of not only your energy but other people’s energy as well can help you start to use energy to your advantage.

Tuning in to the vibes and energy of others

As I mentioned earlier, we are giant energy balls giving off energetic vibrations everywhere we go. And one thing you need to know about energy is that it’s sticky!

Energy is meant to flow and it will flow but it will also stick to you which means you will absorb other people’s energy without even knowing it!


When we come into contact with people, our energy fields meet and get entangled with each other. Because energy is sticky, the energy around you can be absorbed into your energy field. Then it can express itself thru your own energy and affect your mood and the vibe you give off.

When you are around people of bad energy it can leave you feeling drained, sad, and even sick. When you are around people of good energy it can lift up your spirits and give you peace.

It goes the same for you. When you’re not feeling good, when you’re angry or sad, your energetic vibe will reflect that and you will affect the vibes of others too. No one wants to be the source of bad vibes!  DON’T BE THAT GIRL!

Cleansing your aura of negative energy

Why you need to cleanse your energy

Cleansing or clearing your energy of negativity using energy clearing techniques will make space for new and exciting things and experiences to come into your life. Will new things and experiences come into your life without this process? Yes, but removing negative energies using any one of these energy clearing techniques often will make the process much easier!

Think about a garden bed. As the season change and the annuals die off, the garden bed will need to be cleaned and cleared out before you can start a new season of growth.

Or how about a messy closet or garage? Sure you could sift thru everything one by one but an easier and more efficient way to tackle it would be to clear it out first then go from there.

It’s the same concept with removing negative energy, it makes space for new positive energy to come to you.

Signs of negative energy in your home

Another thing getting rid of bad energy can do is remove the energy and vibes you absorbed off others. Again, energy is sticky and once it sticks it can affect your whole mood. If you’re around bad energy, you should definitely do an energy cleanse.

A few signs you need to cleanse your energy

  • A consistent feeling of anger or tenseness
  • Consistent anxiety or depression
  • Feeling drained or exhausted by simple things
  • Wanting to be alone most of the time
  • Feeling like your stuck but don’t know why
  • Feeling off but don’t know why
  • Physical pain in the body without any cause

your energy?

In the beginning, feeling the effects of energy cleansing work may take longer for some than others. There is a lifetime of energy built up and that takes time to clear out. But with the consistent practice of energy clearing techniques, it gets easier and better.

You should cleanse your energy on a consistent schedule that works for you, like once a week or once a month. You should also cleanse your energy as needed. Highly sensitive people will need to cleanse their energy more often than those that are less sensitive.

You should also cleanse after a tense situation like an argument, an illness, or just being around bad energy people in general.

7. Guides


In this section, you will learn 8 ways to cleanse your energy. Try the energy clearing techniques that you feel called too and stick with what you like the best. When choosing an energy clearing technique, also keep in mind your belief system and be sure to pick the ones you know you can realistically stick to consistently.


Sage Burning Ritual

Also known as smudging, this energy clearing technique is a sacred ritual that goes back thousands of years. The idea is that the smoke of the sage absorbs all bad energies steaming from conflict, illness, and anger, then releases it from your personal energy field.

Sage, a plant leaf, is also a natural air purifier, so this technique is a win-win. This is my go-to technique for cleansing my energy.

Saging or smudging is also super easy to do. You simply light the sage stick and it will burn like incense. Once it begins to burn a steady stream of smoke, you simply spread the smoke thru out your home and on yourself using an abalone shell and feather, while thinking loving thoughts or praying. Be sure to get the smoke in the corners of the room, closets, and all entryways.

Palo Santo

Palo santo comes from a tree native to South America. It is also referred to as Holy Wood. Besides using it as an energy clearing technique, palo santo has many other benefits that include mosquito repellant, calming the nerves, increasing creativity, and relief from common cold symptoms and inflammation when used in essential oil form.

This energy clearing technique is conducted the same as saging. Burn your palo santo stick for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, then blow out. Move about your home, workspace, or anywhere you would like to cleanse, waving the smoke thru out the air.

I sometimes use palo santo after burning sage because I like the minty wood smell it leaves behind. These Palo Santo Sticks are all you need. But this Palo Santo Kit is even better.

Essential Oils

Let me just say this now, ESSENTIALS OILS ARE A GODSEND! They have so many healing benefits and can be used for so many things like cleaning, purifying, and of course removing negative energy.

Below is a list of essential oils that can be used to clear negative energy from your home. You can use them in a diffuser or use an essential oil carrier to dilute the oil and place it on the pressure points of your body.

Atlas Cedarwood




I love using sound as an energy clearing technique because it’s readily available, it’s easy, and it can be fun. No one can deny the healing properties of listening to their favorite music, hearing soothing wind chimes, or the crashing sounds of the oceans.

Sound frequencies have the same effect on the energy of your home! You can work with sound frequencies in your home using sound bowls or wind chimes.


My Favorite!!!

Plants, another godsend, bring on some major positive vibes into your home and space. They also purify the air and increase the flow of energy.

I am a major plant lover and my collection of plants is well into the double digits. I have many plants in my home, especially in my office space. They bring me so much peace and tranquil vibes while I am working.


Energy really is everything and you hold so much power in your own unique energy vibe. Just like our body needs self-care and detoxing, so does our energy.

You should be cleansing your energy on a consistency schedule using the energy clearing technique that works best for you. You should also start paying attention to the energy and vibes you pick up off others and begin to work with energy in a way that benefits you. In return, your life will improve and you will be more at peace and positivity.

Removing negative energy from your life is a process your future self will thank you for!

Peace love and Light…Leave your comments

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