Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Are you having an Awakening?

There are so many interpretations swirling around out there about what a spiritual awakening is and honestly, most of them don’t feel so good.

In today’s blog post I’m going to share my take on what a spiritual awakening, how to know when you’re having one and how to “achieve” it.

What does it mean to have a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening, quite simply, is when you have strong desire and come into alignment with that desire–with your own Being, with the Universe, with your Soul.

With this definition, you will have many spiritual awakenings in your life (hopefully!).

Most articles seem to insinuate that a spiritual awakening is this once-in-a-lifetime thing where the soul transforms, but you and your soul are always doing that. That’s spiritual evolution. You can’t not do that, even if you tried.

What makes it sometimes feel like an “official” spiritual awakening is that a person will go through something painful that gives them strong desire for the opposite, and as they come into alignment with that desire, their perspective dramatically shifts and they feel as if they have awoken to a new reality.

Spiritual awakening is an always, on-going process of realizing more, desiring more, understanding more.

It’s uncovering the truth of who and what you are underneath the cultural conditioning you’ve been given for most of your life.

Let’s go thrOUGH a few areas to identify your Awakening.

You Feel A Need To Withdraw From The World.

This is gradual, You may just feel the need to spend more time alone. You enjoy yourself, reading, meditating and worshiping.

When you’re having a spiritual awakening, it’s a journey you must go through alone.

You’ll find it’s not something you can fully experience when you have a lot of distractions in your life.

Do you find yourself not posting on social media as much as you used to? Has your content changed to a more specific focus on wellness and growth. Does your content help you or others heal?

Not checking to see what’s new, like you used to? You are now connecting for like, light minded individuals.

You’re More Sensitive To Other People’s Energies.

With a spiritual awakening, comes a heightening of your subtler senses. You could meet someone, and they’re the nicest, chattiest, smiliest person in the whole room.

But! For reasons you can’t quite put your finger on, you just know not to trust them.

You can detect the bad vibes.

Likewise, you’re also hyper-aware of how others feel. You’re more in tune with them.

You get them, on a level beyond the words they say or don’t say.

You want to be careful, so you’re not overwhelmed by other people’s energies.

Believe me when I say it can be fairly draining. A steady meditation practice, and constantly grounding yourself will help you here.

You Serve As A Channel For Other Beings.

When you’re spiritually awake, it becomes easier for you to connect with other intelligence.

Whether it be communicating with someone and speaking to their ability or their heart, or writing or painting. The connection to that source is overwhelming and fulfilling. You Woke!

You’re Full Of Indescribable, Unreasonable Joy And Peace.

You walk around with a smile on your face, and a lot of pep in your step.

When people get curious and ask you what’s got you so happy, you have no answer! No reason! You’re just full of joy.

This is because as our true selves, we are Joy, Love, and Light. Waking up spiritually reminds you of this.

So it doesn’t have to be payday for you to be happy. You don’t need a glass of wine to laugh like no one’s watching. You just are being your natural, spiritually awakened self!

A Desire To Meditate

Why does this happen? When you’re in a meditative state, you’re even more aware than ever of your connection to the larger part of you.

You’re aware of your connection to Source.

And the longer you sit in meditation, the more you’re aware that you’re not just connected to Source…

You. Are. Source!

A spiritual awakening is nurtured by taking time to meditate, as often as possible. You’re aware of this, on a much deeper level.

You understand meditation is a way to help you be mindful about what really matters.

Meditation helps center you, so you’re not washed away by the non-important stuff.

Religious Interest

For some people, traditional religion provides a greater draw than metaphysics.  Again, as one becomes more spiritually awake, he or she often seeks to understand this new-found awareness, and religion may provide the answers to the questions the individual has.

An in depth knowledge of the bible its stories and living in its truth is a telltale sign of your Awakening.

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