Learn how to shield your inner peace-Protect your vibe.

Protecting them vibes goddess!!

Have you ever just needed a shield from bad energy and vibes and people or YOURSELF?

Well in this article, I talk about how you can protect your GOOD VIBES from going down the drain. 

Read to find out:

  • Your Vibe Is Your Choice
  • Vibration Bubble Can’t Work Forever
  • What to Expect When You Start Focusing on Your Vibe
  • Ways to meditate and raise your vibration and frequency
  • Ten (10) Steps to Protect Your Vibe

1. First off your vibe is your choice!

Its alway been your choice and thats it Period Poo… You can throw this whole article away now. But we all know its never that simple.

I am diving into telling the truth on this subject because I am speaking to YOUR SOUL and YOUR MIND.

Your vibe is an inside game. I chose to KNOW that this Universe is a Mirror and anything that is reflected back to me is presenting itself to me as a GIFT.  If you can take a negative and use it to a better good you have blocked and transfer that energy. EXAMPLE: Someone gives you a false judgment that you are failing at life… Transferred looks like this = Create a space where your life has presented you with less fortunate gifts, slowly eliminate them by when and how you have grown from them. Write this down and keep growing.

A lot of times people say the craziest things but it is because it is all they know.  

When I realize this has nothing to do with me I can more easily observe them from a space of love (with the eyes of my Soul). This helps me I soften a ton.

Please remember not everyone knows your story and comparison is the killer of joy. You are always more than enough!

Vibe out with yourself

Find the time and the space to enjoy your beauty, your beauty meaning your inner love your spirit and the things that bring you energy and life. Is it music? is it plants, painting, reading or writing. This does not include people. (so no family, husband, child) To often do we believe that people give us love a

People are a wonderful addition to our lives and in many cases they add to the fulfillment of our bodies but they cannot add to your inner soul, That is a personal space that requires your own fulfillment.

If we look to people to fill our void we will never enjoy our vibe

stephanie rosita


In the beginning of this HIGH VIBE JOURNEY, it helps to shift and adjust who you spend your energy with.  You can stay high vibe when you are by yourself. The only thing that can trigger you would be something on the Radio or Television so keep it low.

Also even while you are in your VIBRATION BUBBLE You are LIVING LIFE.  The BEST LIFE.  You are feeling ooooohhhh sooooooo goood….But then… You walk out of your room or your home and you have family or friends or coworkers that you are thrown together with that.  You have no choice BUT to be around them…Then SNAP your bubble popped.

So enjoy your vibe when you are vibing and keep intruders at bay stay un-triggered.

3. What you can expect when you are no longer triggered.

Normally the degree with which I am annoyed or pissed or triggered shows me the degree to which I still have a bit of whatever it is inside.  If I am SUPER ANNOYED it is most likely something reflecting back to me something that is big, something I am ignoring, something I get to shift.  If I am LESS ANNOYED then I see it as just a little niggle that I can choose to shift once and for all.

Eventually, when you shift and focus on your own reactions first, you will begin to engage with the annoying person and laugh internally.  What these folks do will no longer trigger you.


Then you start to shift and realize that that person just is who they are.  You don’t desire to change them. You desire to allow them to talk about the news or 45 or whatever else non-aligned stuff they choose to talk about.  You smile and you shift the conversation to what you desire to speak about and you float in and out of their existence with ease.


Then eventually you will find that when you are in that person’s’ presence you will connect with them and they will show up totally aligned with where you are.  They will be pleasant and you will have amazing conversations OR they will not show up at all. When they are in the funky mood or focusing on something you don’t align with they will not show up in your universe.  



Nature is great for everything, spending time with nature helps to cleanse and restore your own energy. Also by opening window and letting the fresh air and sunlight, or moon light to get in, can also cleanse your space from negative energy and charge it with positive energy. Practicing full moon meditations are also great for restoring your energy and increasing your vibrations.


Meditation is a fantastic tool not only to connect with yourself, with the divine, with higher consciousness, to align our chakras, open and sharpen our senses, but also to purify our subtle body from the negative energy and to restore the balance. You can literally do it anywhere. I personally find it very powerful to practice in a nature or in a combination with aromatherapy.


Take shower and imagine how water is flashing away all that negative energy from your body, from your aura and purifies you. You can see the result by feeling refreshed, charged up and being filled with much more positive and higher vibrations right after taking shower. You can also for that purpose take bath, swim in the sea, or even just observe the water, how it is moving (water fall, fountains), or its stillness and experience the same results.

Cleansing bath, however, is not really for washing your actual physical body. This part of personal hygiene should be done before either in a shower or bath, and after you can fill the bath for your energy cleansing purpose. You can also add to your bath 1-2 drops of cleansing essential oils, some herbs, you can light the candles and place them near the bathtub.


You can use sprays to cleanse the negative energy from yourself as well as from your house or office. Here you can use hydrosols like sage, or you can even make it yourself in no time by using pure essential oils by adding them to a distilled water in a glass spray bottle, shake it before use though (20-25 drops to 50 ml of water should do its job here)


Using aromatherapy. Essential oils are known to be very powerful psychic cleansers. You can diffuse them around the house, or even apply it on yourself in a diluted form with carrier oil, in roll-on for example, or putting 1 drop on your palms, rub your palms together inhale it deeply couple of times, then gently move your hands around your entire body without touching the body, as if you’re cleansing your aura.

This will help you to cleanse the negative energy from your auric field. You don’t need much of oil, a single drop is all you need. Best energy and psychic cleansing essential oils in my opinion are rosemary, sage, angelica, hyssop, juniper, eucalyptus, fennel (best as protection from evil eye and negative energy), lavender, pine, myrtle.


Try listen to a vibrational music, high frequency sounds, singing bowls, you can find plenty of these on youtube. You can also sing mantras, or do chanting. Combining it with meditation make it more powerful.


Use crystals to cleanse your energy and the energy of your house. Crystals have their own vibrations, like us and any other creature or thing in this world, including our thoughts, our emotions. Amethystblack tourmalineselenite are very powerful for cleansing negative energy.

8.Burning Incense/SAGE

From old time people of different cultures used to burn incense in order to purify and cleanse the space and people’s auras. Even now when you see some religions burn incense it still carries the symbolic meaning of purification, regardless of the beliefs. Burning incense is a great way to cleanse from the negative energy, when you burn it you can carry it around the house to make sure every part is purified, also you can do so around yourself (just try not to burn yourself) in order to purify your energy field from bad energies. Try resins of frankincense, myrrh, wood chocks like palo santo, cedarwood, sandalwood, also do smudging with sage or sweet grass.

You can use one or you can combine several ways. I personally love combining meditation with essential oils and crystals, or even meditate in a nature, or next to the water. Choose what works best for you.

One of my favorites is “Shower Meditation”

Most Soothing
After this method, try relaxing in bed or your sofa with wine or a good book.

My successful tips to protecting your vibes

  1. Let go of things you cannot control
  2. Avoid comparing yourself to others
  3. Keep your faith larger than your fears
  4. Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right
  5. Don’t be afraid to spend time alone
  6. Avoid gossip and bashing others (including bashing yourself)
  7. Speak kindly to yourself and to others
  8. Please yourself before trying to please others
  9. Stay away from people who daring your energy
  10. Ignore any opinions that don’t enhance your life.

I hope I have influenced a good mood today… Peace , Love and Prosperity to you all.

XOXO -Stephanie Rosita

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