Stop Living Inside Your Head


As an introvert, you can sometimes live inside your head a little too much.

Some people who think too much use it as an excuse not to participate in real life. There are dangers to becoming and over-thinker with a sensitive heart. Time to recognize that you are living inside your head and need to come out sometimes.

If you are an over thinker, you probably take peoples opinions too seriously and try to understand exactly why they said whatever they said.

And then if you have a sensitive heart, all of this overthinking probably drives you crazy, because you try to analyze everything without sounding insane to others.

The Harsh Truth About sensitive Over-Thinkers

Sensitive over-thinkers see the world in black and white. They can’t settle for gray. They don’t have half-feelings, they either do or they don’t, love or hate, feel completely happy or completely devastated.

Sometimes you may be too much for some people: too sensitive, too analytical, too emotional, too nervous, or too romantic.

And that will make you sad, but you must understand not everyone is going to like you, and if you don’t understand that then you will always feel like you don’t belong; Belong to a group, a friendship, a relationship or even family.

Another harsh truth about sensitive over-thinkers is that they have an inner struggle to be present in life, they usually don’t feel connected to their environment or the people around them.

And thats why they strive better working alone or when isolated in a routine.

They crave love most of the time but won’t put themselves out there too much to seek it. Their heart is fragile and hopeful, so when they don’t get the love that they seek it breaks them.

They are always trying to find the meaning behind everything, and the battle is that they cannot figure it out.

When you are a sensitive over thinker you tend to suffer from insomnia(see this blog) Your bed is the place where most fears and thoughts haunt you all at once. This is where you question everything you say and do.

However sensitive over-thinkers have some of the best traits, if loved correctly they are just magical, these introverts are romantic, creative and unique, and highly intelligent…. so worth loving.

Introverts and Intelligence.

These highly intelligent people who think inside their heads tend to fill they minds with insecurities. They are too careful in picking their partners and friends and thats why they mostly end up being alone for long periods of time. Of course being too naive is no good either, but being too suspicious can only trouble you more.

It is difficult to tell a sensitive over-thinker to just “Not care what people think of them” and “Live boldly”

I hope the below can help shed some light on the way out of this feeling.

Moving out of your head. TO “YOU DO YOU” PERIODT

  1. You need to decide on your core values and priorities.

Once you decide on and are clear on your preferred way to live life, it gets easier to protect yourself from people and opinions that could change it.

A great way to do this is by doing a self discovery, Audit your life (I will have a blog on both soon) Keep a self discovery Journal and create a picture of what you would like in your life to make it happy and what you would remove that makes you miserable. Journal everything, your weakness your strengths your victories your losses. This exercise can become very real, but you need to be real with yourself.

2. Always focus on whats best for you.

It is you who have to live with your decisions so choose wisely, will this choice enhance you or enchain you? Will you grow from it of fold to it?

Do you respect and focus on whats right and positive?

Only keep close, positive people that are good for your soul and constructive judgment that will aid in growing you.

Ask yourself, When I am 60 years old will any of these people or opinions matter to me, did they/it enhance me?


More than enough and I love you!

Stephanie Rosita

Thanks for reading- Please comment and subscribe- I plan to keep you informed.

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