Schedule Blocking & Productivity When Working From Home.

Part 2.

Working from the comforts of your own home can provide many benefits and joys, two rather sizeable negatives that it does introduce however is distractions and procrastination. In this article, I’m going to share a few tips to beat the procrastination and become less distracted when you’re trying to get things done. Here is how to be more productive when working from home.

1.Build Habits

Set your block list and stick to it * Refer to the previous.

2. Get dressed up a bit

This may seem irrelevant, how could your clothing affect your work at home? Well, this has to do with your mindset and being in the right one.

By preparing as if it was a normal day and getting dressed and prepared for work, your body will latch onto the now natural habit you’ve built up throughout your childhood or during your work life, that of getting dressed and heading to school, college or work.

This will make it easier to switch into work mode. Naturally, you should then start working or tackling tasks. 

3. Create a Workspace

A workspace goes hand in hand with creating good working habits.

This is a space that stimulates your workflow and is clear from distractions that may hinder you.

Depending on your work, this could be an organized desk in a quiet room with a comfortable chair. 

An ideal workspace is one that doesn’t require any assembly or extra work to get started. Once you introduce additional obstacles to get started, the higher the likelihood is that procrastination will sneak its way into your workday.

4. Let your family and friends know you’re working

A lot of the time when you are working from home, family, and friends may not quite take your work as seriously as they would if you were working a regular 9 to 5. By this, I mean that they may think you’re infinitely flexible to go out and grab a coffee or groceries at 11 am. Or you can go pick up an order or help them move something as you’re not technically needed somewhere.

This can destroy your productivity, especially as most of these events tend to happen right in the middle of the day when you may be entering your flow and getting the bulk of your work done.

For this reason, you need to set boundaries. Let your loved ones know that whilst you may be home, you’re still working and need to concentrate on your work and you can talk, catch-up during you blocked Breaks or after work.

This can be extra difficult when you’re just starting out but stick with it and it’s ok to say no to distractions.

5.Take breaks and go outside

Breaks are an important part of the working processes, it may seem counter-intuitive to increase your productivity, but by taking breaks, you’re allowing ideas to settle, your brain to rest up and to catch a breath before pushing on again.

By going outside and taking a short walk, you’ll absorb some sunlight, get your blood flowing, and enjoy some fresh air.

We have a pair of energetic dogs, so we tend to take quite a few enforced breaks if you know what I mean. 

Walk time

I Hope this article assited in getting you back on track.



xo Stephanie Rosita

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