Schedule Blocking & Productivity When Working From Home.

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Let’s stop micromanaging and learn how to work smarter. This is a 2 part Blog

Page 1. Schedule blocking.

Page 2. Increasing Productivity while working from home.

Great news for busy moms and dads working from home but anyone who requires maximizing their time will be enlightened.

So let’s dive in!


I am a bit of an organization freak. I love list, journals and planners, I Love writing and writing things down. (Its a little cooky, but hey it works) 🙂

What Is this Block scheduling thing???

This system will merge your to-do list and calendar with your personal lifestyle. It’s a way to section your day helping you to be more productive and flexible.

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Time Blocks-
Let's try using blocks of 2 to 4 hours for productivity on one task. Let's say you have 4 task for the day progressively work your first block set 10-15 mins before that block ends to stay aware of it coming to a close and try not on extend it. When it ends move on to the next block. (I use my phone as a timer)

Time Blocking is not meant to be rigid but you must be struck about moving between blocks.

Your Block Can look like this:

2hrs- Work Task / 2hrs Next Work Task/ 20 Mins Break/ 2hrs Next Task/ 1hr Break/ 2hrs next Work Task/30 Mins Break.

This is not a schedule to cram more into the day but instead to FIND more time.


EXERCISE -in a block

CLEANING – in a block

PROJECTS – in a block.


Does block Scheduling work?

When we were is school we had different classes and different blocked out times. In English class during third period we only did English. At least 10 mins before the bell rang, our teacher told us to wrap up and complete the next time we return to that class and in some cases let us write down what we will start on the next time we come to class. RIGHT?

We have a 5mins timeline to enter our next class I.e Task or Block.


When you give a block your all and you eliminate distractions where you can, then you don’t feel bad about it if its incomplete, you simply move o and keep scheduling.

Be nice to yourself and be realist.

go to page 2.

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