Living in His Promise

1st Peter 5:10

How To Be Content With The Life God Has Promised For You

How To Be Content With The Life God Has Promised For You

Have you been learning how to be content with your life and waiting and waiting to discover your purpose? And to be totally honest maybe you’re even thinking what does that even mean?

Or maybe you’re like me and you’ve been doing some serious soul searching lately and practically waving your arms like, “Hey God! I’m here and I’m ready. Show me what you got” but you feel like he’s just not answering you so you’re learning how to be content with the life you’re currently living. 

I’ve been desperately seeking God’s purpose for my life and I’ve felt he’s had me in a waiting place and telling me to just BE STILL. As if he’s preparing me for something great that maybe He doesn’t think I’m ready to receive quite yet.

Are you learning how to be content?

If that is you sister, I can relate that it is hard to wait especially when you’re as impatient as I am. It’s hard to accept that you are not in control. But it is also so important to realize that so you can do your part by listening and being obedient because that is your purpose too!

Seasons of waiting are meant for God to shape you and mold you into being ready for the gifts He’s about to bless over you. I promise if you use this time of isolation and solitude to equip yourself with the tools of the Father you will be so much more confident in your purpose

Your purpose is not lost, it’s not something you still have to find or seek out. It’s already within you waiting for you to discover it. And if you ask Him, God will help you see just what it is that He has already prepared you for. 

“I desperately needed to learn how to be content with being still.”

I have found myself in places of constantly searching and seeking that next thing that I hope will bring me peace, joy, and fulfillment in my life, but it never does or not for long. The things of the world only bring temporary joy and often disappointment. 

This world and all of its pleasures will never satisfy, but Jesus satisfies the longing soul (Psalm 107:9)

So in the meantime, I have 2 tips for you if you are in one of these seasons of waiting, praying, and searching…..

1.Take an inventory of your blessings

One thing I have learned to do is it take a minute to inventory all the blessings that God has bestowed on you. Some people may do this in the form of meditation. 

Release your mind from what is currently causing you anxiety and meditate on what is truly important. This is the perfect time to pray and thank God for all that He has given you. 

If this resonates you can look at my Blog on Morning Manifestation

2.Start a gratitude journal

If you want to go a step further from meditation, write down what you are grateful for. Then log it in a journal. 

During different seasons of life your blessings will change and it’s so cool to look back on. You will see how God has answered prayers in your life. You will also see the things you were grateful for during that time. P.S I have like 14 of them

Happy Easter

I hope these tips above helped you with how to be content with the life God has promised for you even if it’s not the one you planned for yourself. 

Keep In Touch and Stay Connected…..drop a comment below.

You are FAVOREDLOVED, AND CHERISHED! It’s time to go out and live boldly in your faith!

Question of the week:

What tip resonated with you most?

XO StephANie Rosita

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