Isolated on an Island where time forgot

Land of Soft Fresh Breezes

“Oh land of soft fresh breezes and verdant trees so fair. With thy Creators glory reflected everywhere”

This is the opening of The National Song of the Cayman Islands A land time forgot.

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The Cayman Islands rich in Tourism and friendly smiles, a kiss a hug a handshake, where strangers are welcomed to ones porch to share a story or two and the music of the Caribbean is rich in its soil.

This vibrant 264 square-kilometer territory which comprise of three beautiful islands Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman is now under arrest. Ironically its not for laundering of any sorts.

We no longer hug, kiss or welcome people into our homes we are forced to become reclusive for our own good.

I write from the confinement of my home, under curfew within my gates, yet I remain grateful for life and my people.

Disaster rocked our land A 7.7 shift weeks before COVID ALARM.

Public Beach Cayman Islands

January 28th 2020 a 7.7 magnitude stuck our small Island causing damage and chaos throughout our land. There were cracked roads and many sinkholes. A minor tsunami of 0.46m was recorded and all government schools were closed to allow for building inspections.

God keeps delivering this little rock, and for that the Country is grateful. How can a dot on the map escape so much damage when Countries like Haiti have succumb.

Haiti experienced a 7.0 Quake in 2010 devastating their land and claiming the lives of an inconclusive 300,000 persons. The Cayman Islands was delivered. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

The unseen visitor- Covid_19

The 2019-20 coronavirus (Which I more believe is a radiation poison caused by 5G ….but I’ve said too much)

See this post for symptoms

The Coronavirus exuded flu-like symptoms, coughing headache, fever, breathing difficulties and fatigue. The incubation period is 1-14 days The mode of transmission is Human to Human via respiratory droplets. Prevention tips is to avoid close contact, washing hands with soap and water frequently not touching ENM (eyes, nose, mouth) and practicing good respiratory hygiene.

News Flash

February 28th 2020 – Regulations The Cayman Islands Government enacted Regulations under the Health Law implemented restrictions on travel.

  • Visitors who have been to the mainland China within 14 days preceding their visit to the Cayman Islands will be denied entry.
  • Visitors who have gained entry from the mainland China will be quarantined for 14 days.

So Naturally we are relived !

March 13th 2020 – Covid_19 has arrived to our shores The Cayman Islands Government confirmed that one person in the Cayman Islands has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus!!!!!

This caused a stir in our community!

Offices acted quickly to ensure the safety of its staff and their families as well as to ensure business operate as effectively as possible.

  • All business related travels prohibited
  • Strongly requesting persons to reconsider travelling due to potential exposure.
  • Should persons choose to travel the may not be permitted to enter office buildings.

Every restriction and precaution escalated daily and quickly.

Castaway quay

If I fast forward through the speed of life here on the little rock in the Caribbean sea.

Nowadays the Cayman sun burns hotter than usual. It’s a blistering 90 degrees on average and the beaches are lonely. Chickens, Dogs and Iguana’s are returning to the roads and maybe we will have some Gators this year (yikes) The Airports have closed its services and isolation has commenced for retuning residents. Hotels are deserted and placed up barricades. The stores were under siege with residents in survival mode.

The population in the Cayman Islands is just over 65k which means we are really like a little community or a large village. This means we need to protect each other. The residents all join in on common goal “STAYHOMECAYMAN”

With the rise of Covid_19 upon our shores and the present danger imposed on our people we must take into consideration and place action on protecting our county and fellow countrymen.


Curfews are in place and laws are set with penalties and consequences. These laws are for the protection and preservation of our people. The number of CAYMANIANS on our own shores is threatened, failure to follow the laws of the land will only increase this threat.

Our land has been set to a soft Curfew of 5am-7pm (residents can move about the land for essential purposes i.e Doctor/Pharmacy and Groceries. These persons are ordered in name A-K three days within the week and L-Z fall in between days.

7pm- 5am Hard Curfew – Residents are advised to stay indoors and within the confinement of their living block and parcel.

Law and Order

Anyone found in a breech of these laws will be cited and have to answer for the crime.

These laws are not as harsh as some may think it, but without order we are at risk of hosting a dangerous lethal visitor who does not intend to be a pleasant house guest.

Stephanie Rosita

Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.

Hebrews 13:17


Looking out on a country in lockdown, where vibrant colors would usually be plastered across the streets in anticipation of Carnival “Batabano 2020” puts me in a state of mindfulness.

The suspense of what next has causes a sense of preparedness and hopefulness. It seems people are becoming more self aware within their walls. Connecting with their loved ones and sharing thoughts of consciousness. See these influential pages on Instagram: using hashtag #stayhomecayman #caymancurfew

visit here for Local information CORONAVIRUS UPDATES

This time has taught us to breathe and release.

  • Children are spending time and learning from their parents -“Their role models”
  • People are writing and reading and sharing and worshiping.
  • Cooks and Gardeners have populated our land.
  • Households are being rebuilt.
  • Pets are being showered (a personal accomplishment)
  • Unmarried couples (not living together are learning to practice the wait and the joy of learning each other.
  • Flings/Affairs have paused and revealed what the status really is.
  • Our bodies are resting and regrouping.
  • Married Couples are practicing patience and to pray together.
  • Communication with Grandparents and Parents is treasured.
  • Using 1.5hours to exercise becomes something we want to do.
  • Fishing from the shoreline like the good ole days is returning.
  • Goal setting is prioritized.
  • Law and order returns slowly to a land seemingly out of control
  • Saying I’m sorry and I love you has meaning.

We are going to be ok as a land as a community and as a village. We will learn much throughout this experience.

Once a country dependent on tourism and imported goods, now we have to rely on what’s left and support locally until better comes.

This land, that time has forgot will return through Love, Perseverance Grit and Focus. Together We will support each other because we need to. We will share with our neighbors from our earth and our sea, we will teach our children bible verses and how to cook, grow and wash with their hands.

We will treasure the art of staying home and making it a home.

The Island that time forgot will return to being this unique little Island that will never be forgotten.

Our Father who Art in Heaven Never FORGOT US.

As at June 2nd 2020 The Cayman Islands has reported 151 cases 
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