How to make a Vision Board that works (In these 5 Steps)

A vision board is without question one of the most important Law of Attraction tools. I am a big fan of vision boards or so-called dream boards. It is not only a precious visualization tool; my vision board helped me to manifest all my dreams. That’s why I wanted to show you how you can create a vision board that actually works.

How can you make a vision board that works? Let me show you this in five simple steps

  1. Ask Yourself What You Really Want!
  2. Get Your Supplies, What Do You Need for Your Perfect Vision Board?
  3. Choose the Right Pictures, They Need to Trigger the Right Emotions.
  4. Create the Vision Board, but Think Out of the Box.
  5. The Right Placement Is Key!

Maybe you already have a vision board on your wall, but you want to know how to make it perfect and how to manifest your wishes faster and more efficiently? Or the vision board, as a law of attraction tool, is entirely new to you, but you finally want to manifest all your dreams?

In whatever situation you are I’d suggest you take the time to read this vision board guide and create your perfect vision board.

Personally, I would say that my vision board is one of the most important factor of my success. Over the years I’ve been wondering how to perfect my vision board and made some exciting discoveries.

My Vision Board helped me to:

  • find my dream husband
  • triple my income
  • find several dream jobs
  • build my dream business
  • get the house I always wanted
  • driving the car I always dreamt of
  • manifest amazing travel opportunities

… and so much more!

Well, actually I designed my dream life!

Keep reading and I show you, how you can design your dreams too with the help of a vision board.

What is a Vision Board?

Before we actually start to create a vision board, let’s start with some of the most crucial parts of the process. That a vision board can work for you, you need to know what a vision board is and how it works.

Even if a vision board is sometimes also called a dream board, it has little to do with wishing and dreaming. It’s not about putting some pretty things on a white canvas and then hope that they will someday appear in your life.

No, it is not magic, it actually works on a much deeper level because you regularly see and visualize your “ideal future” in front of you, you program your subconscious mind in such a way that it sees this “desired future” as a “new reality.“

Understanding how the subconscious mind works is part of the basic knowledge of the law of attraction and is essential for the law of attraction to work for you.

Another great side effect of having a vision board is that it helps you in your goal-setting process.

As said, the law of attraction has nothing to do with sorcery, just wish and believe will never bring you to your goal. To act is one of the most important points in the process.

Seeing your goals in front of you every day helps you to set your focus on your goals on a daily base, and of course to live the other important part of the law of attraction, believing that you have already achieved that goal.

You see, a vision board is much stronger than just a beautiful dream collage with the many things you would like to have in your life.

By looking at your vision board every day you can trigger a process, that will re-program your subconscious mind. It will change your current self and bring you to your new self.

To the person that actually achieved the desired goal, to the person that drives that new shiny car, to the person that is 20 pounds lighter and fits in this pretty new dress.

This process will attract opportunities into your life, that will help you to achieve these goals.

Whatever this may be; meeting the right people, finding a book that talks about exactly your problem or just getting the right idea you needed to reach your goal.

This is exactly how the law of attraction works and a vision board can strengthen and accelerate this process.



Before you can even begin the actual process of implementing your vision board, you need to ask yourself some critical questions. One of them should be what do you really want.

With a vision board, it is crucial that you get 100% clarity here. This is a really powerful visualization tool, and you don’t want to attract the wrong things into your life, right?

Of course, you can, or should, evaluate your vision board on a regular basis and adapt it to new circumstances.

Nevertheless, it is important to visualize exactly the things that are important to you at this time.

But how do you find out what you really want? The question always seems to be so easy to answer at first glance but digging a little deeper, and it may not be as clear as it seems at first.

When it comes to this question I always have to think of Bob Proctor, it’s a question he asks very often, and there is a good reason for this.

The law of attraction can’t work if you don’t know what you really want. That’s like clicking on a few products on Amazon, and they should decide what to send you.

Do you think you would get the product you want?

A good exercise to find out what you want is to take an empty sheet of paper and just write down everything that comes to mind when you think about your ideal life.

Here, it’s important you don’t restrict yourself, it doesn’t matter if what comes to your mind spontaneously might seem totally impossible, just write it all down.

Here you can also be a little bit selfish; it is your dream, it should represent your ideal life. So it doesn’t matter if this big dream you have is not compatible with your family life or your job situation.

If this one big dream is exactly what you want, a solution will be found anyway.

If you can’t answer the question of “what do I want,” just ask yourself “what do I need,” for many people this question is more comfortable to answer because to need something sounds less selfish than to want something.

This is a collection of ideas, just follow every impulse you have and write it down.

You should then prioritize this list. It’s better to limit yourself to 5 or max. 10 points on the Vision Board, depending on the size.

Jack Canfield once wrote about creating a vision board: “It’s a good idea to avoid creating a cluttered or chaotic board… you don’t want to attract chaos into your life.” and he made a good point here.

vision board should be very focused and not just a hodgepodge of things you’d like to attract into your life.

Of course, you can also create a board solely for one specific area in your life, but if you have more than one area on your board, it makes sense to group them first and then assign the individual topics.

This makes it much easier to prioritize the points on your list. For example, you can divide your goals into topics like career, family/relationship, health or your dream house, etc.

I have two vision boards. One represents my business goals and one the more personal lifestyle. This way you can focus on one important part of your life, after the other.

When you have the most important goals on your list, write to each one, why you want to achieve this.

This not only strengthens the feeling towards the desired goal but also helps to filter out what you really want.

For example, you may have written at first: I want more money. When you ask yourself the question of “why”, however, you may notice that you want more money so that you can travel more often and see the world.

In this case, what do you think would have the stronger effect as a picture on your vision board, a bundle of hundred dollar bills or something that symbolizes traveling? Definitely the latter!


There are many different ways to create a vision board, but for the sake of simplicity, we are talking about a vision board in the conventional sense, where you present your goals and wishes in the form of pictures or written words, by sticking them to an empty canvas.

For this you will need the following supplies:

  • An empty canvas. 
  • Glue
  • Markers, preferably in different colors
  • Scissors
  • Magazines with pictures or a printer

I strongly recommend investing in a simple color printer. I bought myself a Canon color printer and I think I payed less that USD 100. I am totally happy with it, and the investment is very little if I think about what my Vision Board has already done for me.

For example, after I set up my first vision board, I have tripled my salary in less than two years, that’s what I call a great return on investment, huh?


It almost feels like I can print money (but pssst, don’t tell the FBI! )

No, seriously, when you cut out pictures from magazines, it’s always like the second choice. Imagine you want a great sports car.

Then you might find a white BMW in a magazine, but in reality what you actually want is a pink Mustang. A picture, of exactly that pink Mustang you want, is definitely more effective.

That’s why you should invest in a cheap photo printer. 


Find images that symbolically represent, the desired goal. As mentioned above, the more specific the better.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t spend hours deciding on the right image. If you have a picture that triggers a strong emotion, it is a good sign. Sometimes it also helps if you use words in addition to the pictures.

In some cases, it is also hard to find the right picture, only because you don’t know exactly what something should look like.

I had this when I created my first vision board book. I had „ordered” my current shower. (I wanted to remodel my house)

I couldn’t define exactly what my dream bathroom should look like, but I stuck a picture of this modern 7ft shower set in Italian tiles on my vision board.

Anyway, this example is meant to show you that you can’t be specific in every situation and that’s just fine. Choose a symbol image that will trigger the right feelings for you.

4) Create the Vision Board, but Think Out of the Box

Once you’ve decided on the right pictures, it’s time to bring them together into a collage and stick them on your vision board.

Your canvas should offer enough space to show off the individual pictures, so the whole thing shouldn’t look overloaded.

Where it is difficult to express the desired outcome in pictures, use words. Maybe you want to write a suitable quote or affirmations. You can do this either as a printout or write directly on the canvas, with some markers.

Actually, you could even add some 3D stuff on it something you can touch an that makes you feel great. Think of how great that would be?


Now it’s time to find a place for your new dream board. I recommend you to choose a location where you walk by regularly or a location where you sit next to it often, but that is also somehow private.

The latter is not a must, but I find a vision board something very personal, and although most people in my environment probably know my dreams and goals, the expression in pictures on a board is really a different story.

As good as my kitchen would fit the first two points, I wouldn’t like it much, if my guests would stare at my vision board all evening, at the next dinner party.

However, the first two points are critical, you should see your goals often, and above all, you should be able to visualize them consciously (and subconsciously) on a regular basis.

At our home, the vision board hangs directly next to the ensuite bathroom in the bedroom. Here we walk by regularly, at least every morning and evening.

We can also see it from the bed, means we can lie on the bed and visualize our goals. I love to do this, just just before I go to sleep and also in my morning routine.

And the beautiful thing is, the only other person who gets to see my vision board (and undoubtedly gets a bit confused about our strange taste in art) is our cleaning lady.


One of the most important aspects of a vision board, and therefore you will understand why the placement is such an important point, is the effect on the subconscious mind.

Every time you walk past your new board, your dreams and goals will be memorized, and the great thing about it is that it works subconsciously.

However, your vision board is a very powerful tool, and you can (and should) also consciously use it for visualization exercises as often as possible.

One possibility would be, for example, to look at your vision board whenever you have a terrible day. We all know these days when we got up on the wrong side of the bed, or everything seems somehow depressing.

Even if you are like me, and you work with the law of attraction every day, you are never 100% protected from such days. No problem, your vision board will immediately remind you of why it’s worth to be positive.

Your vision board will help you to re-focus on your goals and of course be grateful for the things you have already achieved.

my special tip: photograph your vision board, and you always have it with you on your mobile phone.


Another way to actively integrate your vision board into the visualization process is a regular “vision-board-session.” Schedule this session daily, for example as an integral part of your morning routine.

It’s best to sit directly in front of the board or use the trick with the photo. Look at your board, part by part, and close your eyes for about a minute.

After each picture or group of images. Imagine this goal. Watch it like a movie, as if you were sitting in the cinema and your ideal life is shown on the screen.

Then try to go into that movie, into yourself in the situation where you live your ideal life.

How do you feel? What do you see and hear? What do you smell? What can you taste? Be happy about the situation, live it as if it were (already) real.

When you do this process on a regular basis, you will soon realize that you are getting closer to your goal, you will get exactly the input you need to achieve it.

If you like, just get creative with your vision board, the more fun you have, the better it is.

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