Morning Manifesting

Why a morning ritual is important

Mornings are a sacred time, especially when it comes tomanifesting your desires. The time when you first wake up sets your entire day into motion- what you think about, feel, and focus on in the early hours of the morning direct the energy of your entire day and even the following days.

If you wake up and immediately start thinking low vibrational thoughts, you will only attract more low vibe thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Don’t get stuck in this loop. Instead, right when you wake up- focus on high vibrational thoughts so you can feel your best for the entire day and attract more high vibrational experiences and manifestations into your life.

If you are actively manifesting specific things and have already set intentions, you must enter a vibration of gratitude and already having what you desire for them to manifest into your life.

This morning ritual will allow you to start the morning with a fresh, clear mind and high vibrational state of already having what you desire (the key feeling when it comes to manifesting). This ritual will set your intentions in motion and create a ripple effect in the universe allowing your desires to manifest in divine timing!

The Morning Manifesting ritual

Start this ritual as soon as you wake up. I like to wake up between 6 am and 9 am, depending on the day. The earlier, the better. The world is quieter and the energy is lighter during these earlier hours.

You can make your coffee and use the bathroom first, but come right back to your sacred space. Your sacred space can be your bed, your desk, or somewhere you feel comfortable and high vibes.

1.Meditate for at least 5 minutes

Meditation is the best way to start your morning. This practice allows you to quiet your mind or simply just observe the thoughts that come up as you let them pass.

I suggest meditating for at least 5-10 minutes every morning. You can meditate while listening to meditation music, or in complete silence.

If you are new to meditation, there is a really good 3 minute guided meditation by Deepak Chopra called Guide me on Youtube who shows you the basics of meditation and guides you into the practice for the first time.

2. Review your vision board

Create a manifesting page in your journal or in your notes on your phone. On this page include the following:

-A list of the desires you are currently manifesting.  (If you’re new to manifesting and haven’t set any intentions, just repeat a few breathing steps and focus on what you want.

 -A collection of images (vision board) that represent what you are manifesting.

 -A list of affirmations or statements that declare your desires into existence.

Once you have created this little manifesting page, review it every single morning following your meditation.

Read through your desires, view your vision board, and then repeat your list of affirmations out loud.

Doing this practice of review is reminding you of what you should be focusing your thoughts and energy on throughout the day, putting you in a higher vibrational state. The affirmations are reprogramming your subconscious mind to believe what you are affirming!

3. Visualize your desires

Visualizing is my #1 manifesting technique! Close your eyes, and imagine experiencing your desires as if they have already manifested. Interact with your desires and imagine yourself feeling all of the emotions that come along with them. For example, so happy and grateful that they are finally yours. The key here is to connect emotionally to what your visualizing!

Pretend you are watching a movie in your mind of your desired life. What would your day look like? How would you feel having manifested everything you desired? I like to play out a day in my desired life from morning to night. Visualizing this takes less than 10 minutes and leaves you feeling amazing!

4. Commitment and Consistency

Continue through the day focusing on high vibe thoughts, and feeling as if your desires are already yours. Do not start focusing on negativity right after your morning ritual… Carry the high vibration throughout the day and if you need to, dabble back into some of these practices!

Commitment is key. If you are truly committed to changing your life and manifesting all of your dreams and desires, make a promise that you will show up for yourself every single morning. Your ritual doesn’t have to be exact to this one, but make sure you are at the very least focusing on high vibrational thoughts that make you feel really good throughout the day, every single day. I believe in you!

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