5. Things to do in Jamaica

When talking about the most beautiful islands in the world, everyone has their favorite.

Personally, I’m in love with two, and needless to say they are my two homes Cayman Island (My Birth place) and Jamaica! The Birthland of My mom Brothers and Husband!

I lived in Jamaica on two occasions: Once as a child my first home until the age of 3 was Sweet JAM DOWN! And again when I worked in Kingston as a young adult.

A natural lover of nature, Culture and Good Jamaican food, it’s only fitting for me to visit my second home a few times out of the year.


I thought the island was all about the rich culture and beautiful beaches. But once I ventured outside of my sheltered mind I discovered it also has some amazing ecotourism attractions (including caves, mountains and rivers) and lots of opportunities for adventure.

The Island is relatively one on the smaller Caribbean islands however I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.

Here’s my collaborative list of only 5 Things to Do in Jamaica (including tips on the best places  to stay in Jamaica), to help lovers of nature and outdoor adventure plan their visit!

P.s I will follow up with 5 more things each time I visit Home.

Stephanie Rosita

1. Taste the Flavors

Jamaican cuisine really reveals the cultural melting pot of the island, with influences from British, Spanish, Indian, West African, Middle Eastern and Chinese cooking.

Faith’s Pen Rest stop

On your way in or out of Ocho Rios you will see this magnificent vendoring stop.

Faith’s Pen is located on the main road from Spanish Town to Ocho Rios and is perfectly positioned for travellers to stop for a snack or full. Around 30 vendors huts stretch out over this large lay-by selling all manner of traditional Jamaican fare, including jerk chicken, jerk pork, fried fish, roast fish, ackee and saltfish, mannish water, festival, bammy, breadfruit, Roast corn, soup and fruit and Juices.

I always make this stop to get my fill of Roast yam and cook up saltfish and a fresh bottle of Beet juice.

Food Festivals

During my vacation there was the Annual Jamaica food and drink Festival in Kingston.

For an entire week, Jamaica’s cultural capital comes alive with a celebration of the extraordinary where over fifty (50) of the island’s best chefs, wine and spirit experts will bring new excitement to your palate with the Jamaica Food & Drink Festival. Seven (7) events at seven iconic locations over nine (9) days make for an unforgettable experience.

October 26: Pork Palooza – a celebration of all things pork

October 27: D’Vine -Bring out the connoisseur in you and indulge in exciting wine tastings and tasty bites

October 30: Chopstix – Oriental meets Caribbean in an extravaganza of flavour and entertainment.

October 31: Crisp – satisfy your cravings with the perfect crunch, or crisp and ice cold beer

November 1: Picante – taste the Kingston heat, with seasoning, spices and Jamaican rum.

November 2: Meet Street & The Market – meet-up and eat-up at the Kingston waterfront with the best of Jamaican street food

November 3: Brunch – an exclusive dining experience incorporating a journey through Jamaica’s culinary heritage.

If you are in Jamaica during this festival it is a must try

Stephanie Rosita

2. Fall in love at Blue Hole Falls St. Ann

There are a lot of waterfall attractions in Ocho Rios. The most popular one is Dunns River Falls. What makes the Blue Hole so special is it has not been commercialized. You feel at one with nature.

Even if you don’t feel like swimming you can sit on the bamboo benches and people watch and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

Description of the Falls

The Blue Hole has two main sections: the Blue Hole swimming section and the waterfalls further upstream.

The Blue Hole is the quintessential swimming hole. Imagine turquoise blue water surrounded by lush vegetation. You can just jump right in; trust me you will be tempted to do this.

There is also a Tarzan rope which you can swing on and jump into the Blue Hole. There are a series of mini waterfalls that feed this Blue Hole. You can enjoy a natural massage and bask in the sunshine.

The second section of the Blue Hole is the waterfalls further upstream. It is a 5-10 minute hike from the Blue Hole. There is a trail that runs along the river. Just before you reach the Blue Hole Falls you will re-join the river.

There are sections where you can dive or jump. Your guide will let you know where it is safe to dive or jump.

I will again and again visit this place.

Stephanie Rosita

3. Party Local

Where to party in Jamaica after dark

From reggae to dancehall, few countries are so defined by their music as Jamaica. For its size, the country produces more music than any other place on earth, and its beats and bass lines have been drawing visitors looking for a good time for decades. So put on your dancing shoes, take a sip of rum and get ready to stay up until the small hours as you enjoy some of the island’s best nightlife.

Meet people and go out for the time of your life.

4. Stay at beautiful places

Hotels, BnB , Villas


The Spanish Court Hotel is a Spanish-style resort located in the “New Kingston” neighborhood of Kingston Jamaica.

This Kingston resort features an on-site spa, lap pool, and gym facility, along with two restaurants and 24-hour concierge and room service. Travelers can arrange transportation through the hotel from Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston Jamaica. We hope that you enjoy our review of the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston Jamaica.

A lovely gem in the heart of Kingston

Stephanie Rosita

Eventuality B&B New Kingston

Eventuality B&B New Kingston. We stayed at this lovely bed and breakfast and was plesantly surprised. Not only did Eventuality offer comfort cuteness and closeness, it has a barbecue and sun terrace, and guests can enjoy a drink at the bar. Free private parking is also available on site.

The rooms come with a TV. You will find a coffee machine in the room. The rooms are equipped with a private bathroom. Eventuality B&B New Kingston features free WiFi throughout the property. 

There is a 24-hour front desk at the property. 

Rated 3c’s : Cute, Comfortable and Close

Stephanie Rosita

Tryall Villas Club

Montego Bay

This place was an amazing adventure.

The Tryall Club is located on 2,200 acres on the northeast coast of Jamaica, about a 40-minute drive from the Montego Bay airport.  It consists of 90 privately owned villas, ranging from one bedroom condos attached to the Great House to massive ten bedroom estates. Most of these villas are available to rent at least part of the year.

We were invited by a few friends to join them for the Stay at villa #33 FAIRWINDS

Our Villa was Fairwind.

It is located high up on the hill and overlooked the ocean. We had such an incredible view and were positioned just-so that you could actually see the curvature of the earth on the horizon. Faireind can sleep up to 8 people and we each had our own gorgeously appointed rooms. Think designer printed fabrics, an entire outdoor living/dining/sitting area where you can see the incredible panoramic views of both mountains and ocean. 

We had 1 house attendant 2. cleaners 1 chef and 2 grounds men.

The entire property is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Everywhere you look, you’ll see lush greenery and florals. Each villa has its own fleet of golf carts. Our villa had three.

Our first night we cozied up on the pool deck with a glass of wine and looked over the panoramic views of Jamaicas Rolling hills.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner was prepared by our Chef Shameka and all our needs were attended to by Lady Julia.

The only people whom I think would not enjoy the Tryall Club are those seeking an active nightlife. For the most part, Tryall is a make-your-own social scene with your group.   The bars and clubs of Montego Bay are not convenient to the resort.

I suggest you get a group of friends and family to enjoy your stay at this beautiful Club.

I cannot wait to return and review other villas

Stephanie Rosita

5. Play the Lottery

Supreme Ventures Group has earned the title of premier gaming and entertainment provider in Jamaica.  What started out as a vision to operate a successful gaming entity has developed into a broad spectrum of gaming brands and entertainment companies that have been indelibly ingrained in the fabric of the Caribbean, especially in its home country, Jamaica.


What does being “Lizard” have to do with playing the lottery in Jamaica? Everything if you play number 31!

This is a funny little story about playing the daily lotto called Cashpot in Jamaica. I’ll never understand how every Jamaican knows every single multiple meaning of all the Cashpot numbers, but on this last trip I latched onto ONE number:

31 – Lizard

Don’t get it twisted though because #31 can also mean Long gun, bee, beer, penis, stick (plus at least 10 more meanings). Now do you see why I’ll never understand how Jamaicans know all of these? The Cashpot lotto has 36 numbers in it, all with upwards of fifteen different meanings for EACH number!
So anyway, Hubby and I decided to bet #31 Lizard . We went to the convenient store close to where we were staying one evening and wagered $500 JMD on our #31. When we asked the lady behind the counter for #31 she smirked, and asked us if we knew what we were doing. There was also an older man in line who laughed as well, so we all had a good laugh. We made our bet and headed out. Knowing the play would happen in the next fifteen minutes we checked the score and found that we won!!!

We won $40,800 JMD …Cool huh?

I Truly Hope this gives you some ideas and I will be reviewing other areas on our next trips.

Visitors Explore and Enjoy Jamaica!

Residents Welcome Home!

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