Situation Room

Stephanie Rosita

If I play my cards right I may be able to be free…

But sometimes doing whats right gets you stuck in dark situations in personal prisons, in deceitful company, persecuted falsely and condemned to a “Tight Spot”

I want to talk about tight places, about dark situations, about false testimonies on your life.

God has a way of looking down on us when we look up! Amen.. and read that again… I said God has a way of looking down on us when we look up. I say that in meaning that when we truly, truly look up from our place of discomfort and we speak to Him He looks down on us not to judge but to lift us out of this “Tight Spot” Amen.

Let me get real for a minute… Lets not forget that there is a message in this blog the message was sent to me to deliver and I have not taken notes nor have I researched I am speaking from the greatness God has put in me to deliver, and to reach people I may not even know, people that may need this message and even for myself in tight places.


The Situation Room

In a Tight Spot

Sometimes we are placed in situations where we either Fight Fly or Freeze. This place I like to call the situation room.

I have been placed in many situation rooms, rooms of lies, temptation, deceit, conviction and death. These are dark times I’ve thought and the Situation room was never a comfortable place. This was a “Tight Spot” where I was faced with loneliness, abandonment, Jealousy, Pain, and many NO’s But… I was never alone with these situations. In this situation room was a delivery room! Amen.

We tend to remain so long in the situation room that we don’t see the delivery room within our cell. The room is a walk away, it is a tedious journey to get to it because you have all these “situations” along the way and not to mention the room is dark! You are in a Dark place and a Tight Spot.

The Bills need to be paid, The debt collector is calling, your friends are too busy your momma has too much on her plate, you are single, your husband is a alcoholic, your job just let you go, Your earning isn’t enough, your addiction is great and requires feeding, your children are needing you and you are stuck in a TIGHT SPOT! within the situation room.

Let me take a moment to Pray: Lord I want to say that everyone reading this who is in their “Tight Spot” that they be still in the darkness, let them find peace in the pain. We know God that You are a powerful and loving Father who when You speak your word grows roots, move mountains and calms seas. Lord let there be a deliverance for all in their Tight Spot and let them know that you Father can guide them to the delivery room. AMEN


We may feel that this should be the season of abundance the season of flourishing. Its great weather and a great time to harvest why am I in Drought!

Honey it takes 9 months to make a baby 9 months for you (as a fetus) to develop and navigate and grow and transform In The Dark! In a Tight Spot! Don’t act like its your first time! Amen… you have been in this tight spot before birth you were designed to navigate a Tight Spot you were designed to journey through the dark place into the delivery room.

God designed us meticulously and if we look back on His design we would appreciate that there is a Delivery room in the Situation room.


We need to birth the greatness within a Tight Spot, we need to navigate through the dark, we need to journey to the delivery room. The area where we are free to roam in a blessed light.

Everything great was once in a dark place in a situation.  Stay with me I am about to bless you. 

I once tried to re-plant a Mint, This Mint was parched and dying it was overexposed under loved and I gave up on it. My husband God bless his presence said “honey if you love this plant you need to replant the mint , you need to take it out of that pretty big pot and Cut it down to the root.” As you can imagine I was devastated because I spent $35 for the pot alone and it was a beautiful home for my Mint plant, and to cut my plant! Oh hells no!

But I took his word and I uprooted my mint, I cut it down and replanted it deep down in a small plastic pot and placed it in the corner of my porch to not have too much heat exposure. I only imagined that my mint was thinking “Lord she moved me from my beautiful home cut off what was left of me and place me in a dark tight spot.. ALONE.

I watched my mint for days feeling that this was the worst I could have done for my plant as it was still ugly dry and now in a hideous pot. But… I didn’t notice that there was a little green on the stem that was left out. I returned day after day and to my delight My mint Navigated its Tight spot in Its situation room and it began to flourish for the darkness which it was planted and it reached high for the Heavens! Amen It was delivered.

This Season of Darkness is about to Deliver you.

The Delivery Room

How did we get here?

We made it yes we did because we maneuvered and navigated and stretched this Tight Dark Spot we were placed in. We journeyed through the dark we faced each situation we grew stretched and journeyed and we found the delivery room.

We made room in that dark tight area, we found light we took new breath and new life.

Lets not depreciate the dark nor detest the Tight Spots we are in. We can take this area of darkness and grieving and invite God to sit with us in this tight spot. We can praise and pray and glorify. We know that when the time is rough we fall on our knees.. well lets remember that Tight Spots make us remember God, Tight Spots make us obedient, Tight Spots make us conscious and Darkness makes us desperate for Deliverance! We need to know how to worship God from a Tight Spot.

Prayer: Father God who did it for Paul and Silas in Acts 16:16 God suddenly move us though this Tight Spot and Dark Hall of our Situation room and with You Father move us into the Delivery room. God there is someone here ready to quit, ready to go back, ready to break! God Suddenly reveal the delivery room. Surely You are a Sudden God. Let us find comfort in our Situation room, We better get comfortable because its time to pray!! comfort because we know You are there to deliver us from this Tight Dark Womb where we were meant to grow and adjust and stretch out this area to journey to the delivery room. Amen

Lets see how you handle this Tight Dark Spot in The situation room.

Stephanie Rosita
This Blog will be shared as a Video Blessing on my social Channels as well.

God Bless You. Stephanie Rosita

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