Feminine Product Review Essentially True

Okay, if you are a guy you may want to turn around right now. I will be talking about something that may not be a subject you want to talk about. So with that being said, if you are related to me and still want to read, remember you have been warned and thanks for loving me anyway.

Products for your lady parts doesn’t have to be expensive or take up so much of your time. In fact, most personal hygiene products of which I am reviewing are all natural and cruelty free and so beneficial.

I have recently recieved some products from Essentially Ture that can have your “hoo-ha” back to normal again- not only leaving you smelling good, but tasting good too.  I have prepared a full review for you today.

1.Yoni pHresh Feminine Wash

  • Handmade from start to finish
  • Made with natural oil which soothe skin
  • Gently cleanses without causing dryness

My Thoughts of this product

This Feminine Foaming Wash will leave your skin soft and the best part is…… it is allergy friendly! This wash paired with a great epson salt scrub would make for a great self care act on your part tonight! So do it lady, you deserve it!

2. Yoni Oil

  • Daily pH balancer
  • Eliminate odor
  • Stops itching
  • Stops reoccurring yeast infections & BV
  • Only made with natural oils and herbs
  • Can be used as a natural lubricant
  • women have reported decrease in grown hair and dark marks
  • Is multi use can be used on the face to fight acne 

My Thoughts on this product

Ladies, let’s be real here for a moment, there are times in a woman’s life when she needs something natural to calm the under carriage area! The Essentially True Yoni Oil is made with all natural ingredients that have been chosen for their known soothing properties. This oil is just what you need to keep your sacred place balanced and to restore lubrication and dryness. Not to mention it smells so good. I use this item daily and my husband cannot keep away!!!

3. Uplift Yoni Spray

  • Gentle moisturizing cleanser
  • Use through out the day to stop odor
  • Can be used as a facial toner
  • Under arm refresher
  • Use during period of extra fresh feeling
  • Use before or after sex

My thoughts on this product

Feminine cleansing Yoni spray is good for that time of the month or after sex or just freshen up throughout the day. This product bottle is slim enough to carry in your purse as well as it smells great and can be used as a body spray or even in your hair.


I reccomend investing in these three products as they have proven great for me and I am satisfied with my results.

Visit http://www.essentiallytrue.com for purchasing and use my code: Rositaa for discounts.


Taking care of the kitty is the best thing you can do for yourself besides eating.

  • X Yeast infections
  • X Bacterial Vaginosis
  • X Bacterial Overgrowth
  • X Feminine Order
  • X pH Imbalance
  • X Vaginal Dryness
  • X Low Libido

Your Pum Pum brings life and it is the gateway to your inner soul connection. Cleansing it, Pampering it and nurturing it will bring a whole new balance to your body.

The feeling of fresh, healthy and pleasure all come during your yoni care.

Be sure to keep up a healthy Kitty a balanced diet and exercise to complete the circle. SHOW YOUR CHA CHA SOME LOVE.

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