Whatever you are Thinking. Think Bigger! – GO FOR IT

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I’m going to be a millionaire!

Affirmations are the best thing you can do for your mental. Every word you speak and every thought you think is a affirmation on your life. Our internal dialogue is a flow of affirmations if you are aware of it or not.

Almost everyday we are confronted with a negative thought or person or situation of some kind. Negative thinking has almost become a chronic habit now-a-days.

Many of us pay little attention to the slight negative thoughts because it happens so often that it even seems natural. We don’t realize how destructive these thoughts can be. This reckless way of thinking can affect our mood and can eventually change our outlook on life.


We should always be in a state of creating “What our life should be” Not what sh!tt it is right now. Our thoughts should create our lives and eventually become our lives, so be careful what you think and say about yourself.

How to Affirm

Affirming is a your own little powerful tool to creating a great life. So….Lets stop saying I am broke, I am sad, I am tired, I am stressed. Repeating these phrases of negativity can create a very depressing reality for ourselves. Try saying I am wealthy! I am healthy! I am strong and will have a powerful future. The laws of attraction is very real.

Affirming is your miracle tool.

Stephanie Rosita

Why I Affirm

I affirm greatness into my life because I absolutely deserve the best! As cocky as that sounds we must always believe that we deserve nothing but the best!

Positive affirmations are healthy and can help change limited beliefs and negative thoughts. Lets put you on this truth train.

When we tell ourselves something enough we begin to believe it. The problem we face is telling ourselves negative things too often.

So lets change this habit and start to build a life of joy and abundance!

I have a few daily affirmations that I am attached to.

  1. I am healthy and stress free
  2. My Husband and Children are blessed and successful
  3. I am going to be a millionaire
  4. Tomorrow is always better

If you don’t believe you will accomplish your lifestyle goals, it is unlikely that you will.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”


My Favorite Affirmations:

I love to affirm wealth and health, because from that I find life!

As a female entrepreneur, I’ve noticed that money affirmations have become a thing too.

I follow a few bossbabes on Instagram and thus, I am treated to some daily money self-love.

  • I am the master of my wealth
  • I enjoy multiple streams of passive income
  • I am a magnet for money, wealth flows to me.
  • My mind is focused on achieving wealth.

It may seem strange repeating these to yourself at first but overtime you will feel comfort. Especially when you actually have money flowing to you.

These phrases will jolt a energy and action within you that causes money to come your way.

  1. You become more conscious of spending and begin to save.
  2. You invest in a money making tool or habit.
  3. You have a rainy day fund or (FUNDS).
  4. You travel more.

How did this happen???

Your subconscious has made you conscious of living a life with purpose and abundance.

Stephanie Rosita

How was I WOKE!

I realized that the people around me that were speaking death into their lives and relationships and situations… well they died! They killed their dreams ended their relationships and lost opportunities.

Sadly I was in line with this Deadpool of people. I killed so many dreams and opportunities because of fear, resentment and plain mistrust of myself.

I watch a lady named Denise Hernandez Ortega! This magnificent lady sold life insurance and toted her lil Boy and his littler sister on her daily home sale visits. She drove a 1998 Toyota Land Cruise with an intentional sticker on the back that read “GO FOR IT” I remember asking my mom why do you get up everyday, take us with you to see these same type of people who will tell you NO and you do it with a smile but you alllwayss take Jay and I with you.

Her response was “Rosita, you must go for it if you want to have it” I take you and your brother because one day you will be infected with the Go-Getter bug and you will understand that for every ten NO there is a YES and that one yes may just be your first million!

I am going to be a millionaire!

When I affirm that I AM before my action word “Going to be a Millionaire”

I causes purpose and drive within me and I begin planning for my GOALdigging.

I am set to become rich in many ways Wealth Health and Spirit. Because I am just going to go for it.

So whatever you are thinking…Think Bigger – Just go for it and Affirm all the way!

You go this!!!!

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