Insomnia Struggles

Insomnia review.

This review took a few weeks to complete and I tried and tested each step until I was comfortable with getting 4-6 hrs sleep. (doing better than none)

This Blog began at 2am Feb 2nd 2019.........

Tossing and turning, looking at your clock, watching TV, munching, staring at your phone dot-dot-dot does this seem at all familiar to you?

I am writing this blog at quarter to three in the morning because of all of the above reasons.

Insomnia is very real and a very real struggle that I like many of you struggle with. I’ve done many reviews of how to overcome such struggles and sometimes they work and sometimes they just don’t.

So here I am writing my review with a very sleepy eye and a very heavy tongue. My disclaimer is to ignore the typos as I am sleepy but my mind is fighting that sleep because insomnia is kicking my butt and by now I am delirious.

  1. Identify your struggle..
  2. Confront your struggle
  3. Research your struggle
  4. Tell your struggle good night

Lets go through each in detail ( That was originally a typo which read letds gu throith.

But as I am trying to be as clean of a writer as possible I will edit through the waves of hallucinations.

1. Identify you struggle

I’ve gone through this one many nights over many weeks over many months and a few years. Where I found myself believing I was hungry or maybe I exercised too late.

It took me some time sifting through the banks of chaos in my mind each half hour are less to finally pinpoint that I was ANXIOUS.

Anxiety was a key player in my sleep deprivation. I was and still occasionally find myself anxious about the “things to do list”.

I always had a million plus one ideas, plans duties task that I created on top of what already existed. I created an anxiety motor in my head that started at 8pm and ended at 6am.

This motor caused many issues some real and some imaginary. I got imaginary toothaches and eye twitches along with the occasional belly grumble.

What a bad situation was I in.

After reviewing a few pins and google searches and many professional advice later I was successful in the reality of step 2.

2. Confronting your struggle

Now that I have identified the anxiety motor, I was ready to have a chat.

I asked myself

  • What am I anxious about?
  • Is it really important ?
  • Can it wait 7hrs?
  • Can I complete it in 3hrs?
  • Will it make me feel better?

I opened my Journal/notebook and answered each one.

Then I made a list of all the outstanding items of which I would tackle the next day and I took them with me throughout my day, knocking off each one in order.

Now we all know things don’t always go as planned so plan with contingencies and get back on track.

Peace of mind is a key factor in overcoming insomnia you have to make sure that your body is calm relaxed and in good working spirit. Take care of your mental before you can take care of your physical.

Be real honest with yourself when you question what is it that you’re anxious about. Can it wait? if it can wait, then you have already found a huge relief.

The next thing is to ask yourself can you complete it within the next working day.

If you have a direction or a starting point to complete these things that are making you anxious then you would be in a much calmer Spirit in time for bed.

3. Research your struggle

We may all have our own insomniac however once you have identify which one you are struggling with whether it’s trauma anxiety or paranoia or stress you then have to research that particular area in order to understand it.

Research what can cause that issue what habits or ordeal have allowed this Insomniac into your mind? Is it above self care?

I’m confident that I’ve identified my Insomniac as anxiety of work.

So I made a day list of the most pressing items and I put timelines beside each I tried to keep my list to 6 to 8 items per day and clear them off before day end.

Because I have had many trials with Insomnia I know I don’t require medication just so good mind decluttering.

4.Tell your struggle good night

Now that we have identified confront and researched our struggle, it’s about time to get some rest.

Insomnia is a difficult little monster but totally controllable. Get your night routine back to a normal state and gain control of this disorder.

The last thing I like to do is quickly go over my daily accomplishments and quickly jot down a few more for progression. ( This also evokes the feel good in us) When we’re happy we are usually calm.

I also enjoy chamomile tea and a lightly spiced candle over a 2 page read before lights out.

Good night Insomina has never felt so good.

These are tips that worked for me in a natural way. All persons are different and may require other help I hope you find rest soon.

Thanks for visiting.

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