Staying Focused on Fitness

Always Frustrated. No results. No Drive.

All are true when on your weightless journey, but all are unwelcomed feelings!

We all have high expectations and wishes for our weight loss goal and we are always sure of the path that we must take, until it becomes “Hard” or we become “too busy”.

I have been there. I would say “today is the day” ! … and I would have started a new weekly routine and a diet plan just to have it fall apart by the weekend. HOW SHAMEFUL.

It’s so easy to start, but to stay committed….Now that’s where the challenge lies. You see unfortunately we get bored with routine and/or meal plans or even the meal prepping. Having to start over because you have given up is so disheartening.

You must ask yourself “How bad do I want this”? I have noted a few steps I took to get fit, healthy and stay disciplined. I hope this can help you on your journey.


Don’t be fooled.

I am a foodie! I love food, I love to try different cultures, spices and textures and most of all I love Chocolate!!!! But I didn’t know that I could have my cake and eat it too!

Eating my own Cake

I knew that I had to change my diet and this was not the fad of “going on a diet”

Sidenote: Fad diets make money off of people who need to use them again and again and again. If they gave people the tools they needed to succeed long-term, they would all go out of business. And if there was one diet that did work, it would make all the other diets sink ship.

This new eating habit I developed was truly going to be a lifestyle change. So I pulled my “big girl panties” up for the last time and decided I was going to commit.


I decided on a SLOW CARB DIET. This diet is outlined as follows: Eat lean meats, beans, and veggies. Don’t eat fruit, white foods (bread, rice, potatoes, pasta), or sugar. No cheese no milk. Give yourself a cheat day each week, where you’re allowed to eat ANY of the banned foods. So needless to say I ate all the pasta, juices and CHOCOLATE in the world on Sundays.

This is one of the healthiest diets out there and it was easy to commit to because I made a 6 day list of what I could eat and I looked forward to PIG OUT SUNDAYS!

Ohhhhh and, and, and… on Sunday I ate so bad that I was dying to get back on track on Monday…Until it became my lifestyle!


Working out always seems like a means to an end…and it is, the ending being feeling great, looking great and mostly being healthy.

If you don’t exercise, your muscles will become flabby and weak. Your heart and lungs won’t function efficiently. And your joints will be stiff and easily injured. POINT BLANK!

I stayed committed by creating a challenge for myself and it started with two consecutive days consistently completing 2miles of walking that turned into a jog then to a run.

I then changed the two consecutive days to any two days in the week, then I included a 5k walk/run on Sundays, any 5k I could find which totaled 3 runs per week.

Running became a huge part of my 5-year journey. I EVEN PARTICIPATED IN 5 MARATHONS!



Challenges are good for staying committed. 
Have your friends dare you to do something and go for it!

In summary my tips on staying committed are:

  1. Find a good diet that will keep you interested and start it in intervals cutting out certain Carbs twice a week until you don’t have them until Only on SUNDAY!
  2. Challenge yourself to a new workout 3-5 times per week, and complete it with a journal. Remember SUNDAY.

The Slow Carb diet.

Why is this Diet Healthy

On the Slow-Carb Diet, you’ll rapidly burn fat by avoiding foods that promote fat storage. Metabolism hacking techniques like eating immediately upon waking up and binging on “cheat” foods once a week will help you lose excess fat.

I have attached a good read on research done with people who have done this diet below. But needless to say I am a walking billboard of proof.

Here is a simple shopping list.

Slow Carb Shopping list.



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