Spring Declutter

Its Spring everyone!

Time to declutter that little unorganized corner or dutty shoe rack.

I have been trying to declutter for months and it seems like I have made a dent in my efforts and seen the light…. Yeah right, the light to a mountain of junk in the corner of my room.

Well well well…I have decide to make the Spring cleaning begin! I gave it some thought because decluttering is my “new thing” and I have written down a few steps to help along the way..

I hope you can make use of these 7 things to halpyou as well.

Let me know how you did like and comment on this post.

1. Make a Checklist

If you haven’t seen it or used in in more than a month

a.Store it or b. Toss it.

There really is no use in hoarding these ancient goods unless they have real turn over value.

2. Clean and Clear the surface

Remove all items from your counter tops, side tables and desks.

Clean and wash/wipe the surface. It will look and smell fresh already.

I am in the business of having Bobby pins to my left which usually host several curly hair strands… Get it gone!

Pick it all up and see how clean your room looks already.

3. Use your cupboard/cabinet spaces.

If you are like me my bathroom counter top is decorated with makeup bags jewelry boxes, rubber bands and other unnecessary decoratives.

Use the visible verticle shelves which you invested to keep all those items under or in your cabinets.

All you need to see is your toothbrush and soap dispenser.

4. Put away your Appliances

Sooo…. here is a big one for me.

I have a habit of blending a smoothie or making a protein shake then just walking away with my mix but leaving the mixer on the kitchen counter. Bear in mind the storage cabinet is directly above where the apparatus has been used.

It ends up there for weeks unless my husband calls me out on it or stores it himself.

This too goes for Irons, mixing jars and ohhhh Gym sneakers.

Just put them where they belong.

5. Clear the fridge top.

My fridge top has been home to notepads, pens and foil paper.

This has got to stop! Use the neat lil pantry to the right or that spare drawer in the left.

You will see clearly when your kitchen is light and airy

When all the clutter is done wash with disinfectant and read


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