Hair Tip

Bigger hair hacks

The Blow Method

For whenever you want that big, sexy look.

We all want that bigger bolder hair!

who wants flat hair when it comes to curly hair? Not me….

Curls are meant to be big wild and free just how nature intended.

I may have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Wash and Moisturize

I am definitely for this. Wash and Go and moisturize with your favorite product. For me that would be Taliah waajid Gello.

I use a dime size of the product which leaves my hair so soft and luscious. I then the tangle with my fingers and a Denham brush in order to form my natural curl pattern.

Air Dry

Allow your hair to air-dry. This is an important step do not try to manipulate your curl pattern, nor try to finger your hair while it is still in its wet state. Allow your hair to become completely dry. When I do this my hair curls right up to my earlobes but it’s okay .

Pic it!

If you have a hair pick go ahead and pick your hair out from the roots once it is completely dry. Gently lift the roots and raise for body from the base of your head. Once that is done use your fingertips and massage your scalp flipping your hair upside down and back into form again.

A cool blow

For added volume I take a cool setting blow dryer and below the roots. I switch directions of my pop to allow more volume and air into each coil.

flip your head upside down and blow it once more. Allow your hair to cool before flipping it back over and finger it into place. Boom: you just gave yourself a boost of bounce.

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