Quit Complaining

Instead of complaining that the Rose Bush has torns How about considering that Torn Bush has Rose’s. Read that Again…
Reasons why you should stop Complaining.

  1. It takes up time.

This could be time spent coming with a solution, taking action, and working on more important things. When we complain, we’re spending not only our time, but also our energy and attention. If you haven’t noticed yet, we only have so much time, #energy, and #attention within a day.

  1. Misery loves company.

When people complain about how much they hate their jobs after #work, it’s hard to be that person that loves their job. Or even likes their #job. Do you really want to spend 40+ hours a week hating your life and spend about 10+ hours a week talking about how much you hate your job? Doesn’t that seem a little… ridiculous and silly? Plus, have you ever noticed how much people love to compete about who has it worst? Why are we having a #competition over this? What’s so great about “having it the worst”? Some food for thought.

  1. You’re addicted to feeling bad.

And you #love playing #victim. I know, because I used to be that person. #Negativity is really addicted, but I can tell you it’s not fun feeling disempowered and hopeless. Taking action and #empowering yourself is way better, seriously. You don’t have to live life a certain way because someone else told you this is “just the way life is”; life is literally what you choose to make it out to be.

  1. It affects all areas of your life.

Because we can’t really compartmentalize our lives. Your career affects your #family, your family affects your health, your health affects your finances, etc. It’s all a part of life, and you can’t separate one thing from another. So when you’re miserable from one thing and you allow yourself to complain about how horrible that thing is – suddenly, you’re feeling horrible about everything. Suddenly, everything seems horrible.

So the next time you feel like complaining, don’t. Take a deep breathe (in fact, multiple take breathes and step away.) #mindset #mindsetiseverything #focus #realitycheck #bossbabe #mindsetcoach #mindsetinfluencer #rosebush #roses #rose #blogger #bloggingbabes

3 thoughts on “Quit Complaining

  1. Love this one! Especially the part about addict ed to feeling bad and playing the victim. I too was the same way, and I can honestly say I don’t have that mentality anymore. I mean I am not perfect but I’m more awear of my doings and sayings and when i start complaining or playing victim I catch myself and have to remind myself thats not who I want to be. I’m loving the new me. I thank God for the new me. I could nvr see me going back to the old me. Thank you again for your inspirational words. Keep posting and blogging I’m loving it!

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  2. Anther awesome Post to your credit. I’ve long realised that complaints are an empty expression of negative energy, so I agree with every sentence. Pls look through the section:’reasons why you should stop complaining’ the points are all numbered the same as 1. I think it’s an unintended oversight. Great thanks for sharing the joy.

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