Q & A with Mr. Tony -Complaining-

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

When I saw Mr. Tony today I knew I was about to get schooled.
Mr. Tony is a middle aged Jamaican Man who is very close to my Dad and Family.

So as we sat by the shores of the beautiful Cayman Islands and broke bread over a freshly fried Red Snapper (fish) Mr. Tony said ” We are so blessed” and the rest is History.

Mr.T speaks in a deep Jamaican accent (patois) I will write a such.

(I can paraphrase and interpret where needed) 

Below is the interview

In His Words

SR: Mr. Tony with all of life and its opportunities why do you feel people complain so much?

Mr.T: The reason why yuh would waste yuh time den ah look and see someone ah progress it becomes a problem to yuh. Because you are watching and not watching what you should do.

Translation: ( People waste time watching others excel and do not make use of what they could be doing.)

SR: So they are comparing?

Mr.T: They are comparing somebody’s life to theirs.. Tek for instance, when yuh wake up in the morning what’s the first thing yuh do?

SR: Pray (Mr. T Fist bumps me) Yes yu get up and give thanks.. Gratitude.

Mr. T: The next this is to try to get something for the stomach. Then now what am I going to do? Yuh must have a plan. Yuh cann stay home ah do nutting unless you ah a rich person who has it made and even so you must have a plan.

Transulation: After you pray you must fix your breakfast and than review your daily plans. You must always have a plan. You cannot stay home and not do anything. Even if you are rich and have it made you MUST have a plan.

Mr.T: Go around the yard and find something to do. Get busy. Because the mind will develop thoughts of worry and envy for your neighbor. Yuh say nah sah why him a do so well and ah progress and mi nah get no where.

Translation: If you are not employed still get busy in your home and make new ideas and plans because you mind will lead you to envy and comparison for what your neighbor has.

Mr.T: Another thing is.. People look for others to make then happy and thats why they are miserable… For instance dem partner should know how to make them happy and keep them in line and such.

Translation: People are holding others responsible for their own happiness.

I am going to leave this Q&A at that last line as a POINT to note. lets read it again:
People are holding others responsible for their own happiness.

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